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Office 3832 N. Meridian Ave Oklahoma City OK 73112 Phone: (405) 949-9322
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“I desire to be an instrument of hope and healing by helping you to deal with stress. Traumatic experiences will hold you captive in the present without intervention and healing through a compassionate other. Together we will release the power these memories have in your present life. The therapeutic relationship and customized therapies for you personally, can bring freedom and strength to change your life and give you hope for the future. You are worth the time and investment for healing and recovery and I will walk with you in the process.
Recovery is possible by learning to change the chemical makeup of your brain through establishing a safe environment and learning skills such as Self-Care, Relaxation, Emotional Regulation, Mindfulness (non-judgmental noticing), and Breathing. We will work on setting healthy boundaries and new skills in relating with people rather than reacting out of stress.
Research reveals wounds from traumatic experiences cause struggles with addictions, shame, guilt, depression, and anxiety. Traumatic memories are stored in your body and nervous system bringing chaotic behavior in you present life. I desire to encourage healing, as a compassionate professional, by working with you in your recovery process with proven therapies and support.”

Years in Practice: 25

Modalities: Individual

Client Focus: Adults


  • Trauma
  • Addiction
  • Grief
  • Abuse Issues

Payment Methods Accepted: Cash or Credit Card

Hours of Availability: By Appointment

Categories: NW Oklahoma City
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