Who We Are

Pier 34 is a nonprofit 501(c) (3) foundation focused on providing the best quality mental health to those in need and unable to afford such care. We are an organization dedicated to providing a network of highly qualified and compassionately driven professionals, and connecting those professionals with would be donors that have the same passion for mental health as we do.

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From Those We Have Helped

“I have been struggling with depression and anxiety after giving birth to my daughter, Pier 34 has given me the opportunity to take care of myself and get the counseling I needed.”

“I don’t know how to say thank you enough for all that you have done for me. Except to say you changed my life. I know that I could never be at peace at this stage of my life without you. Whichever way this comes out, I have you to thank for helping me make it through.”

“This program helped save my life! I was in a position in my life that either the anxiety would win or the depression would win. Me winning wasnt an option. I was referred by my PCP Wade McCoy after I took the ACE exam and was asked how I was still alive because my score was so high. I was matched with an amazing therapist named Thai-an and the rest is history! She gave me tools to save myself and I feel like a brand new person! I was able to control my anxiety enough that I now have a great job, a saved marriage, a healthy body, and a better relationship with my kids than I’ve ever had. And it is all thanks to this program. I couldn’t afford therapy. I couldn’t afford counseling. I couldn’t even afford medicine for anything. But now I am thriving and I cannot thank this program enough! Thank you from the whole Jones family!!”

When my son and I were traveling back and forth to the hospital at this time last year, he said he wanted to write letters to special people in his life. He asked “Mom, will you bring your laptop and I’ll tell you what to say. If I make it through this, I can save them till next Christmas and send them then. If I don’t, will you send them for me?” We made a list and he told me what he wanted to tell you when I brought up my laptop the night before he was scheduled for his second surgery. Will didn’t make it to his next Christmas and now it is that time so I am sending this to you to tell you what he wanted to say “thank you for allowing me to get the peace that I needed.”

The Process is Simple



The prospective client applies directly to
Pier 34 for 12 sessions. Approval is based on
factors such as household income and size.



Upon approval, the client chooses a provider
from a carefully screened network of mental
health professionals who have contracted
with the foundation. These providers have
been strategically chosen based on various
locations around the Metro area to allow for
greater ease of access to services for our



Once approved, notify Pier 34 of your
chosen provider and make an appointment
directly with the provider. You will also
receive a free six month membership to the
YMCA and will receive your certificate
directv from Pier 34.