We at Pier 34 want to make you aware of our response to the Covid-19 crisis. 
We currently have funds available for reduced cost counseling. In addition, we have been made aware that the majority of health insurance companies are making adjustments to copays for telehealth. We have welcomed those in need to contact us for assistance in identifying those changes. In this way, we hope to be of help to those who might not meet the requirements for our program. This is a service that we will be providing until April 30th and potentially beyond. 

Who We Are

Healthy Minds. Healthy Bodies. Thriving Community

Pier 34 is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) foundation focused on providing the best quality mental health to those in need and unable to afford such care. We are an organization dedicated to providing a network of highly qualified and compassionately driven professionals, and connecting those professionals with would be donors that have the same passion for mental health as we do.

Dr. Jennifer Cox


The prospective client applies directly to Pier 34. Approval is based on factors such as household income and size.


Upon approval and receipt of their award letter, the client chooses a provider from a carefully screened network of mental health professionals. These providers have been strategically chosen based on various locations around the Metro area to allow for greater ease of access to services for our clients.

Get Started

The client makes contact with the chosen network provider and agrees to a $15 copay paid to the provider at time of service.